Back in 2004, trolls were discovered in Mariebergsskogen and loads of children streamed into the woods troll hunting. Ever since then, thousands of children have seen trolls in the woods in Mariebergsskogen.

The Troll Walk is a piece of theatre that plays out in the woods, where children are involved in the action and become part of the story. Recommended for ages 3-8 years. The forest trail is accessible for prams and wheelchairs, and where there are roots, the Mariebergsskogen boys and girls will give you a helping hand.


Cost: SEK 50 per person
Everyone aged 3 or above, including adults, needs to buy a ticket for the Troll Walk. Under 24 months go free. Book min 24 hours in advance. Any unsold tickets for that day's performance can be bought in the Spillkråkan cafe in Holken.


Mariebergsskogen, Karlstad
Assembly 10 minutes before the start, on the lawn outside Acksjöns kapell.

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