Vårblommor i Museiparken

There are places - and then there are places. Places where you can recharge your batteries and discover an inner calm by simply spending time there. The gentle sound of lapping waves is said to have a calming effect, as do green areas. In Karlstad, both are often only a stone's throw away. Sometimes, it can also be worth a detour to find your very own favourite place. Before you start looking - try these places.

The Mariebergsskogen wetlands

You can come close to nature in Mariebergsskogen and experience the rich bird life there from both hides and the bird tower.


You will get a magic feeling in this slightly off the beaten track park when you can walk amongst the flowers, plants and fountains. Take a picnic and a tablecloth - there are tables already there.

Museiparken and Sandgrundsparken

You can splash your feet in the water and sunbathe on the jetty here, close to the city centre. Take a stroll along plant lined paths and head all the way out to the end of Sandgrundsudden where the Klarälven divides into a delta.


Within cycling distance of the city centre is Göteborgsudden, one of the few spits of land in Lake Vänern that is still untouched, with rocky beaches and views over the archipelago.

Bergviks udde

Bergviks udde is a genuinely special place just west of Karlstad. Here you can relax, surrounded by ancient stony ground pine forest or perch on the rocks and enjoy the views over Vänern.


From the jetty behind Karlstad CCC you can enjoy some calm moments and beautiful views across the river and old stone bridge. If you fancy a walk you can simply stroll around the delta area by crossing the bridges.

Café Slussvakten

You'll find one of the most delightful summer cafés in the city along Pråmkanalen. It’s in the middle of the various walkways around the canal avenues. You can also jump on a Karlstad water bus here to discover other favourite places.

Inner harbour

The inner harbour is a very special and magical part of the city. In the summer, the harbour is lined with popular restaurants with jetties and an organic store and café.

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