Punk och rock fest
Nöjesfabriken present Millencolin, Danko Jones, Discharge and MOB 47.

Millencolin - The one who is waiting for something good ...

Not since the 90's, have the band from Örebro visited Karlstad, but now it's finally time again. Their latest True Brew album were released after several years of tour around the world.

Danko Jones - Canada's great rockband is back!

The band continues on the line with their latest release Wild Cat. High explosive rock n roll that gives the right spark to any party!

Danko Jones with men has never been a disappointment, we start this evening with a real bang!

Discharge – The British legendary

The band, which started in 1977, released some of the most important punk discs in the 80's when they introduced the D-beat in the music. There are many punk and hard rockers out there who have this band to thank for the music they love to listen to! Do not miss the chance to witness the band live here in Karlstad!

MOB 47: Here we round the evening with real Swedish rock!

Stockholmsbörsen was founded in 1982 and is seen as a pioneer in hardcore and punk. After a couple of breaks during the 90's, the band is back, preparing for a heavy discharge!

Age 18 years.

The tickets can be purchased at Tickster.com, ticketmaster.se or at the Scalateatern in Karlstad.

November 24, kl 20:00
Adult 450 SEK
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Handikapptoa, Ramp, Rullstol

Karlagatan 42
65223 Karlstad

+46 54222200

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