entrée brigadmuseet

Visit the interactive Brigade Museum in Karlstad for a fascinating glimpse of military and civilian life in Sweden in the shadow of the Cold War.

Karlstad´s newest museum

The Brigade Museum is the latest addition to Karlstad’s portfolio of excellent museums and was opened on 1 June, 2013 by HRH Prince Carl Philip, the Duke of Värmland.

What to see and do?

The main attraction and exhibition here is ‘Sweden in the Shadow of the Cold War’, via original and well-preserved military and civilian objects, artifacts and accurate settings stretching from the 1940s to the present day. All-in-all, the museum provides you with fascinating snapshots of daily life in Sweden from the 1940s to the 1990s, covering such events as the building of the Berlin Wall, the Vietnam war, the affluent Swedish society of the 1950’s and others. If you want to know more about the recent history of Sweden this is the place to do it.

Target practice

How good a shot you are? Try one of the simulators here; one lets you take part in military target practice with a 1942 automatic rifle and the other puts you in charge of a tank in a tank battle.

Inside the museum and outside in the courtyard are some pieces of military technology and hardware, including tanks and guns that will interest military historians, but this is a museum for the whole family.

And, of course, you’re going to work up an appetite at the museum. Pay a visit to the museum café for home made eats and refreshments and then have a browse of the museum shop.

Visit the museum web site here

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