Lillängshamnens Fiskrökeri (smoked fish house).

Lillängshamnens Fiskrökeri (smoked fish house) is a family owned and run fish smoke-house and shop on the island of Hammarö in the Lake Vänern archipelago, just south of Karlstad. You can get there by car, or by bus and boat from Karlstad. And if you love smoked and fresh fish then you’ll think you have died and gone to heaven when you visit this fine fish smoke house.

Famous smoked fish house

Fishermen and brothers Christer and Göran Fransson have been running this famous smoked fish house out of Lillängshamnen (harbour) on the island since 1988. Most of the fish are caught locally in Lake Vänern, one of Europe’s largest lakes. The shop sells fresh and smoked Lake Vänern salmon, perch and whitefish, as well as fish roe and herring, with accompanying sauces and marinades. 

Lillängshamnens Fiskrökeri is a splendid example of the new culinary trend towards local produce in Sweden and a great day out. 

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