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Enjoy a taste of Karlstad by the beautiful Klara river. Get views of the city and surrounds from the terrace of one of Karlstad’s finest restaurants.

Karlstad has a host of quality restaurants offering Swedish fare and world food. And the settings? Stunning. Some 70 restaurants cater most tastes and all wallet sizes. Traditional Swedish food meets sushi, Italian meets Turkish and Chinese meets Mediterranean. Not on the same plate obviously, but you get the idea.

The two restaurants we profile below stand out not just for the quality of the food and drinks they serve, but also for their location – some of the most beautiful in Karlstad.

Roof-top dining in the city centre

Nya Via Appia on Järnvägsgatan14 in the city is so central that you can’t miss it. And you shouldn’t. Here we’re talking a heady Scandi-Mediterannean mix of taste and influences. You can dine inside, outside and atop  this fine 3-tiered eatery as summertime sees it open its roof-top dining and bar area. One not to be missed when you’re in Karlstad.

British pub feeling next to the river Klarälven

The Bishop's Arms doesn’t sound very Swedish does it? Not to worry, this clone of a British pub is at least as good as the original with a huge and quality selection of international beers, ales, wines and spirits (250 different whiskies). And a good selection of hearty fare including fish and chips and home-grown Värmland beef. The location isn’t bad either; the pub sits just a few metres from the Klara river. Enjoy.

Nya Via Appia
Phone: +46 54 24 06 00

The Bishop's Arms
Phone: +46 54 29 30 20

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