Download brochures about Karlstad

Please download our brochures to make your visit to Karlstad easier.

The Karlstad region tourist guide

Here you can download our tourist guide °Karlstad 2017. Read about what to do and experience during your visit to Karlstad, Hammarö, Grums, Kil and Forshaga.

> Download our tourist brochure from Karlstad (PDF 7 mb)


Eat and accomodation in Karlstad - handy guides

Download our mini guides to make your visit a lot more easy. In the accomodation guide we have listed every hotel, bed & breakfast, hostel and campsite located in Karlstad. There is also a guide with every restaurant, café, bar, pub and pizzeria here in Karlstad.

Both guides, Eat in Karlstad and Accomodation in Karlstad, have been updated in July 2016 and are downloadable as PDF in the links provided below.

> Download the guide about eating in Karlstad here (PDF 1 mb)

> Download the guide about accomodation Karlstad here (PDF 1 mb)

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